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21 Feb 2024Half Year Accounts
29 Jan 2024Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report
24 Oct 2023Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report
22 Sep 2023Annual Report
22 Sep 2023Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report
27 Apr 2023Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report
23 Feb 2023Half Year Accounts
30 Jan 2023Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report
25 Oct 2022Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report
29 Sep 2022Annual Report to Shareholders
27 Jul 2022Quarterly Activities Report
27 Jul 2022Quarterly Cashflow Report
29 Apr 2022Quarterly Activities Report
29 Apr 2022Appendix 5B Cashflow Report
17 Mar 2022Half Yearly Report and Accounts
31 Jan 2022Quarterly Cashflow Report
31 Jan 2022Quarterly Analytics Report
21 Oct 2021Quarterly Activities Report
21 Oct 2021Appendix 5B Cashflow Report
30 Sep 2021Full Year Statutory Accounts
23 Sep 2021Progress Report
16 Jul 2021Quarterly Activities Report
16 Jul 2021Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report
28 Jun 2021Progress Report
26 Apr 2021Quarterly Activities Report
26 Apr 2021Quarterly Cashflow Report
10 Mar 2021Half Year Accounts
15 Jan 2021Quarterly Activities Report
15 Jan 2021Quarterly Cashflow Report
21 Oct 2020Quarterly Cashflow Report
21 Oct 2020Quarterly Activities Report
30 Sep 2020Full Year Statutory Accounts
31 Jul 2020Quarterly Activities Report
30 Apr 2020Quarterly Cashflow Report
30 Apr 2020Quarterly Activities Report
13 Mar 2020Half Yearly Report and Accounts
31 Jan 2020Quarterly Activities Report
31 Jan 2020Quarterly Cashflow Report
31 Oct 2019Quarterly Activities Report
31 Oct 2019Quarterly Cashflow Report
30 Sep 2019Annual Report
30 Apr 2019Quarterly Cashflow Report
30 Apr 2019Quarterly Activities Report
21 Feb 2019Half Yearly Report and Accounts
31 Jan 2019Quarterly Cashflow Report
31 Jan 2019Quarterly Activities Report
11 Oct 2018Quarterly Activities Report
11 Oct 2018Quarterly Cashflow Report
28 Sep 2018Full Year Statutory Accounts
30 Jul 2018Quarterly Activities Report
30 Jul 2018Quarterly Cashflow Report
30 Apr 2018Quarterly Cashflow Report
30 Apr 2018Quarterly Activities Report
15 Mar 2018Half Yearly Report and Accounts