WRC Geology

The WRC consists of a large layered magmatic intrusion with identified reef style mineralisation for PGMs.  This style of mineralisation is analogous with the Merensky and UG2 Reefs in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa; the J-M Reef in the Stillwater Complex in USA and the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe.


The figure below shows a generalised model for a layered intrusion.


Generalised section through a layered mafic-ultramafic igneous complex


The next figure shows the interpreted geology of the WRC which has been rotated with north towards the bottom of the image for comparative purposes and which shows striking similarities to the generalised model.  The WRC is unique in that it has been displaced from its original vertical position onto its side which allows for near surface exploration of all the layers in the complex.


Weld Range Complex rotated with North towards the bottom of the page