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The Story so Far

Podium has a rich Company history that predates its current name and identity.

However, one thing that has always remained is the steadfast belief in the untapped potential of the Company’s tenement holding in the minerally-robust Weld Range Complex (WRC), situated in WA’s Midwest Region. A timeline of Operational and Corporate milestones is detailed below.

Podium Minerals: Company Timeline

1986: Incorporation

The Company was incorporated as Dragon Resources Pty Limited on 13 October 1986.

1987: Initial Public Offering and Listing

The company undertook an IPO on 8 October 1987 and was listed on the ASX.

The Company has held interests in mining tenements covering the Weld Range Complex (WRC) continuously since 1987 and has invested in the acquisition, consolidation, and evaluation of areas within the WRC.

1990-2009: Dilution, Joint Ventures

Between 1990 and 2009, the rights of the Company to minerals and metals in the mining tenements covering the WRC were diluted to minority interests. This occurred through joint ventures with several companies.

2009: Consolidation of Mineral Rights and Mining Tenements

In 2009, the Company completed agreements to reacquire and consolidate all the mineral rights and mining tenements covering the WRC. The Company is the first company to consolidate and control the entire WRC.

Following the acquisition and consolidation of 100% of the mineral rights and mining tenements, the Company compiled, digitally captured, and evaluated most of the historic information and data from exploration, drilling and other work within the WRC. The Company is the sole legal and beneficial owner of the right to explore for and mine Sulphide Minerals on the WA Tenements (Sulphide Mining Rights) and is the registered holder of the WA Tenements.

2018: Maiden Resource

In February 2018, Podium was admitted to the Australia Securities Exchange and delivered its maiden resource on 6 October 2018.

2022: Positioned for Development

Podium delivered an upgraded MRE of 143Mt for 6.0 Moz at 1.30g/t 5E PGM with 0.64g/t platinum, 0.52g/t palladium, 0.07g/t gold, 0.05g/t rhodium and 0.02g/t iridium including 94kt copper, 127kt nickel and 24kt cobalt. This includes high-grade zones ≥ 2g/t 5E PGM.

Podium has also unlocked its mineral processing pathway as processing test work has shown the ability to produce a saleable Platinum Group Metal flotation concentrate suitable for PGM smelter feed. Further downstream work has demonstrated high metal recovery for all 8 payable metals can be achieved using atmospheric leaching. Early indications show a high grade PGM Produce, which is suitable as refinery feed, reducing our carbon footprint.

Podium also restructured its board to support the transition of focus from exploration to development activities.


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